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International CPTED  Association Conference 2019

ICA 2019, 3 day Conference.

Cancun, Mexico

International Design Out Crime Conference 2019


Perth , Australia

International CPTED Association WEBINAR:

CPTED in the Times of COVID-19 - Reactions & Recovery, Part 1 (Asia, Australasia/South Pacific, Europe, UK)

Dr. Manjari is the Founder-President of the Association for Building Security India (ABSI), a society to further the reach and knowledge of CPTED and other aspects of ‘security by design’. As a professional architect and academic, she advocates for these concepts through her work and publications within the Indian cultural context. She is also the author and chairperson of the SEQURE standards for security design.

The ICA – International CPTED Association brings regional diversity to the discourse on this important topic. ICA Directors from 7 ICA regions will come together as guest speakers to showcase how the issue that has affected every part of the world has been approached in their respective countries and regions. Different geo-political systems and socio-economic profiles of these countries and regions while facing the same common threat will make for a vibrant discussion. The speakers will also identify the role of CPTED in addressing safety concerns during and after the pandemic as communities transition into the recovery phase.


The webinar will be presented as a 2-part series. Part 1 will feature speakers from the Asian, Australasian, European, and UK regions.

A week later, Part 2, will feature speakers from the 3 ICA regions in the western hemisphere: Canada, Latin America, and the United States.


Topics will include: -

    How the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life across different ICA regions

    Crime trends and safety challenges during the COVID-19 lockdown

    Likely scenarios and foreseeable challenges in the post-COVID-19 world

    Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

    The role of CPTED in dealing with health and safety concerns during the pandemic

    The role of CPTED in the recovery and post-recovery phases

    Suggested guidelines and recommendations to assist in recovery and crime control

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