Delhi schools – proposal for government schools

This is a proposal to the Delhi government under their scheme for audit and evaluation of all schools. since this is likely to be the first of its kind exercise we hope to conclude c;ear directives or standards to help improve the process of imparting education, checking violence in the school compounds and affording an environment that encourages the young minds to stay clear of crime and criminals. While this proposal awaits go-ahead, the background research is underway. The team flagged off their studies with an analysis of 1 flagship school to be followed by many more

1. Safety Audit of a School Using CPTED  Principles 

The safety audit of a school in Delhi was one of the first projects we took after coming together as an association. The entrances , gates , boundary walls , accessibility was carefully documented . 

The next stage was to study the documentation done and note down the positive and negative  aspects of the site.

Finally small design related changes were suggested for a safer learning environment.

2. Students' Studio Assignments 

The  principles of C.P.T.E.D  and embedded design strategies are actively being taught in some Planning and Architecture Schools of the city , where students enthusiastically take interest in the subject.

These environmental solutions are also applied in their studio projects and are given utmost importance. 


These are a few projects which the students of School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi have done in their studio.