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Association For Building Security, India is a not for profit organization offering membership at very nominal fees to be able to widen its reach and get the best minds together. We need partnerships and updation at the global level to support our initiatives at the national level. Whether these begin with public advocacy to culminate into the actual influence of policy and projects, funds are required at every step. We invite all like-minded supporters to aid and assist us in our efforts towards a comprehensively secure world.


Since the organization comprises of architects, planners, designers, security-men and consultants engaged with all aspects pertaining to security, its events and efforts target mostly an audience of all the above and hope to reach the gamut of policymakers in the private and public domains equally.  We hope to increase we are of influence with every event and step we take.


We invite you to partner with us in this journey of growth and pledge your support towards this not for profit cause. We have below a suggestive indication of possible sponsorship arrangements subject to customization as the case may present itself:


Sponsorship is mainly required for the research initiatives and to facilitate registration, travel, boarding and lodging expenses for national & international events. For the same, we solicit sponsors as convenient in options given below or any other :

  • Single person      (upto Rs. 1.5 lakhs INR)

  • Team comprising 3 to 4 persons (upto Rs. 5 lakhs INR)

The  amount would include all expenses towards research, international travel (if reqd.), boarding, lodging and conference fee. 


i) Visibility  in Presentations and Media as per the package selected.

ii) Team/individual (as the case be) would carry merchandise and sport the company's logo on apparel, stationery etc.

iii) In Team based events, a representative of the company can accompany us at his or company's expense over and above the amount pledged.


This will include sponsorship for an event hosted by  ABS India locally. 

  • PRINCIPAL - would be in charge of the venue, facilities, bulk of activities including refreshments, conference material, publicity and media coverage. the likely costs should range up to 5 lakhs INR and any concessions or reduction in costs would be to their benefit.

  • SESSION - the whole conference may be subdivided into smaller components based on sessions with or without the corresponding meal or refreshment break. In the same session the sponsor will be allowed to present a talk and introduce his product. Also in the attached catering event he would get to interact and exhibit his products. Depending upon the event in question this can range from 1.5 to 2 lakh INR.

  • EXHIBITION - he sponsor would be allotted a booth to exhibit throughout the conference and attendees will be allowed many breaks to encourage interaction with exhibitors. (approx. 1 lakh INR)

  • d) SPECIAL EVENTS - the monotony of a conference is usually relieved by a recreational evening with cocktails, dinner or both. These events make for excellent opportunities to market ones product to a group of like minded yet varied professionals in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. These may be combined with an award ceremony or other entertainment programs like performances music or comedy. the Sponsor in this case would be liable to cover the costs of all the designed program and also contribute towards the main event (upto a minimum Rs.1 lakh INR)


We invite partners who believe in similar things and support us as we grow. The partnership can take up any form and mode ranging from

  • Day to day support- which would entail covering our expenses on a daily basis towards research, public advocacy, etc. This is likely to cover travel costs within the country, expenditures on media (eg website rentals and other such), printing of literature, refreshments at meetings or even small advocacy campaigns . We can mutually decide and limit the monthly outflow or fix it as a standard amount.

  • Reimbursement based- wherein we undertake events or campaigns with a pre-fixed budget over any period of time. In this case the sponsor reimburses the bills incurred on the basis of actual bills presented subject to a limit beyond which prior approval needs to be taken.

In both the above options or any other mode the sponsor gets visibility on this website and at all events taken up by the society.

ABS India appeals to all organizations and corporates
to consider us to get a foot into the world of- 

We offer good opportunities, visibility and exposure to products dealing with






Please contact any of the contacts below to start this relationship today:


                                                         FOR SPONSORSHIPS  :  DEV SHARMA (+91-9625328790)

                                                                                                 SIDDHARTH AILAWADI (+91-9999066891)

                                                                                                 SIDHI JAIN (+91-9560811150)

                                                                              or else write to us by clicking below

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