ABS India has undertaken quite a few initiatives in its short lifespan since inception.  it undertakes projects for varied purposes and motivations:

This is a proposal to the Delhi government under their scheme for audit and evaluation of all schools. since this is likely to be the first of its kind exercise we hope to conclude c;ear directives or standards to help improve the process of imparting education, checking violence in the school compounds and affording an environment that encourages the young minds to stay clear of crime and criminals. While this proposal awaits go-ahead, the background research is underway. 

The team flagged off their studies with an analysis of 1 flagship school to be followed by many more

  • Research projects and published papers

The ABSI team's efforts towards  threadbare analyses of various aspects of Delhi residential colonies from varied aspects have actually contributed to the global knowledge on the subject showcasing some great  take-aways even for the developed countries to emulate. This includes many completed and in-progress subjects some of which are given below.

  • Student projects  

These are mostly meant to convey and test the basic principles propounded in the theory of integrated and built-in security. Students of various colleges identify various areas that they may be familiar with and analyse/audit the same from the building security & CPTED perspectives.


  • Public Advocacy

Initiatives by the President and other members of the society towards propagating the concepts and educating the stakeholders about the need and knowledge relating to the subject. This is done mostly by addressing security gatherings and architecture groups.