The term refers to  

"the security in the specific context of buildings and built environments
and also the process of building and designing-in the security as natural  (embedded) design elements & approach."

This subject has been basic to architecture, its origin, and evolution but gaining prominence once again today with the ever-changing crime and threat profiles globally. Unlike traditional approach to security and defense, this relies heavily on balancing effective security with its perceptibility and mental comfort.

T H E  A S S O C I A T I O N

Interest in the subject, passion for making our environments more secure and an enthusiasm to put India on the global security map, inspired a group of architects and architectural students to organize themselves into this not for profit society.
The motivation stemmed from a need to evaluate the global concepts in the Indian context and further to share the unique findings to enrich the Global know-how.
This is an initiative to reach out to disciplines like security and policing , hitherto considered alien in the conservative architectural ideologies. Here is a group that not only recognizes the gap but also the need to bridge it in the immediate and global contexts.

T H E  M I S S I O N

PUBLIC ADVOCACY to spread awareness about the need, means and benefits of integrating security in buildings through design.
FACILITATE RESEARCH on the subject including CPTED especially to the Indian context and in the absence of worthwhile content in the country. To contribute to the Global knowledge pool with contextual, cultural references.
POLICY & PROJECTS to offer consultancy and know-how to assist security related decision making in the national and social interest. Starting from due consideration to the subject to making sure the same is carried through to fruition.