The term refers to  

"the security in the specific context of buildings and built environments
and also the process of building and designing-in the security as natural  (embedded) design elements & approach."

This subject has been basic to architecture, its origin, and evolution but gaining prominence once again today with the ever-changing crime and threat profiles globally. Unlike the traditional approach to security and defense, this relies heavily on balancing effective security with its perceptibility and mental comfort.

ABS India is the only official Asian chapter of the INTERNATIONAL CPTED ASSOCIATION

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ABSI  & ISAC present the


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T H E  A S S O C I A T I O N

Current….            followers and advocates of Security by design integrated in the thread of the Built environment


Future….              practitioners of Security by design integrated in the thread of   the Built environment


Bridge….              between the Security professionals & Designers of the built    environment 


Integrating..         to achieve effectively, perpetually and comfortingly secure living

T H E  M I S S I O N


•CRIME PREVENTION by DESIGN integration, creativity and natural security.

•Incentivization of  EFFECTIVE SECURITY that is economical and not theatric.

•WOMEN’S SECURITY and personal security for seniors and children.


•Mental peace and RESILIENCE of urban environment.

•Resistance, response and recovery of buildings and urban environments.


•‘Secure’ SMART CITIES  and urban planning methodologies in sync with global pedagogy

•Secure, sustainable, LIVABLE and Surakshit Bharat.

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